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Free Shipping for all orders, within U.S, over $150
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Find your natural beauty & individual expression. Explore the timeless Marimekko and the iconic Onitsuka Tiger at Moro Moro in downtown Bend. Feel inspiration and bring joy into your everyday adventures with Scandanavian & Japanese design.

We support women in the Bend community to ...


1. Be Active

You can't be a passenger in your own life.
Expressing yourself and your freedom is part of being the true you. Find the things in your life that express your own beauty. Any activity. Any shape. Any age.

2. Everyday is a New Journey

No one knows what today will bring you. Simplicity and confidence help you explore a new path everyday. The things you take with you should be natural, unique and help you on your way.

3. Appreciate Your Individuality


We all have difference life experience, background and experience in the moment. When you appreciate yourself, your positivity flows and you can find balance in your life. When you visit moro moro, we hope you can appreciate yourself, find a new inspiration and live your life in the moment.